Kevin Murphy’s Young Again

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Has the winter weather left your hair limp and lacking the bounce that the warmer months give you?   Chances are, the perpetual cold and dry air has left your hair needing moisture and vitality.   Thankfully for us, Kevin Murphy has just the cure.     Recently released, the Young Again Wash, Rinse and Treat are exactly what winter hair needs to get its bounce back.    

Loaded with Imortelle, the oil from the Helichrysum plant, the oil works to heal the hair and give it moisture and elasticity, which are essential to getting hair to have softness and vitality again.   The line also contains Baobab seed oil, derived from “the Tree of Life”, which is native to Africa.   Capable of living 6000 years and host to over 100 species, this tree has incredible moisture retention abilities.   By adding this tree’s oil to the hair, the ends hair will regain its life and elasticity that the brittle winter air has robbed from it.  
For those of us who also have a little damage, the line comes with a deep conditioning treatment and is loaded with amino acids, which rebuild the hair as the building blocks of protein.   P.S. Did I also mention that it contains lotus flower extract?   Testing has shown that Lotus Flower may help aid in gray hair prevention.   WHAT?   Even for those of us lucky enough to not be showing silver strands yet, it can’t hurt!   With all these benefits, there aren’t many people who won’t love this new system brought to us by Kevin Murphy.   Talk to your stylist today about more benefits that the Young Again can provide.

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