New Thickening Line by Kevin Murphy

Plumping Line

Thinning hair is something that women have always dealt with, but never has truly been addressed. While there have been medicinal and prescription solutions, there haven’t been many solutions that are naturally derived and without side effects.   Well, thankfully Kevin Murphy has come to the rescue!  With the addition of his Plumping Wash and Rinse and the accompanying Body Mass leave-in treatment, there is now a solution that fine and thinning haired ladies can enjoy.  With its incredible aroma of white musk and orange, the line uses ingredients such as Parsley extract and Nettle Root to help fight hair loss and add density to the existing hair.  With its technology based off eyelash thickening serums, it will help achieve fuller and more dense hair.   When using the regimen, results will be seen in as soon as 14-30 days.   We here at the Viselli Salon are so excited to be able to offer such an amazing system to our clients and it has been flying off the shelves.  Talk to your stylist today to see if you are a candidate for Kevin Murphy’s Plumping!  

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